Security/Insecurity in Abuja

I just want to thank God for my life and family for His protection over us and ours in Abuja, FCT.
There has been several reports as touching impending attacks of the dreaded ‘Boko Boys’ in popular locations within the FCT.
These places include: Popular Shopping Malls, Motor Parks, Market places and Worship Centres. In short, every location within the FCT may be at risk of impending attack of these ‘Boys’, as virtually everywhere in the FCT may offer them what they want to achieve which is Mass murder.

I hereby urge every Abuja dweller to be more security conscious, and vigilant in safeguarding ourselves. We are our number-one security officers and agents.
There’s been testimonies of vigilant residents that foiled impending attacks in their localities. We can make it happen again and again, that terrorism won’t thrive in our immediate localities any longer, thereby making evil far from us.
None of us will be victims of evil attack and untimely death in the name of Jesus.
Please watch, as vigilance is the answer. God bless you.

Ramadan Kareem to all my Muslim readers.

Watch out for my next post on: Chasing Terrorism Attacks Far.


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