This morning at about 8:50a.m., I stumbled at the notice board of the Faculty of Engineering in one of the foremost Nigerian Universities. To my surprise, pasted on the notice board were the names of all the students currently in that faculty from 100level-500level in two categories: Those who have paid their school fees for 2013/2014 academic session & those who are yet to pay.

On the two lists, a total of 2,453 students were confirmed to have paid while a total of 2,898 students are yet to pay. By simple addition, the total number of students in the faculty is 5,351.

By way of percentage analysis, while 45.84% of the students have paid, 54.16% which represents above average are yet to pay.

As written against the names of those students who have paid, I found out that fresh students’ fee is #49,500 (aside #45,000 acceptance fee & over #15,000 for course registration in departments such as GST, Physics, Chemistry) while the returning students’ fee is #14,000.

From the above, I wish to lament the calamity that we are currently battling with as a nation. Education which was originally made to be accessible by all is now for few whose parents have looted our commonwealth. Is there hope of a better Nigeria when our youth are forced out of classes to work hard before paying their school fees and only to return to engage themselves in “La cram la pour” style to pass exams!

When are we going to have creative Engineers who will reason adequately well to take our economy from only consuming type to that which produces at a rate higher than it consumes?

What is even the order of the day across Nigeria is increment in tuition fees which is a pointer to the reason why the PhD of our VCs must be questioned. They force us to take courses in Entrepreneur whereas they need the knowledge most.

I have not written to merely criticise any authority, I have rather written to raise the spirit of youth on why we must tell our failed leaders that their times are up; why we must reject their token to safeguard our future. Our parents have suffered from these our heartless leaders, therefore, we must not follow suit. The Yorubas will say “ko ye ki baba mi jiya kemi omo tu je”, (that’s: Its not right for me to suffer after my father).

Let all of us continue to shout & cry aloud until the newly appointed minister for Education, Shekarau, intervened in this matter of sky-rocketing tuition fee.



  1. I must be sincere that it is a fallacy, Argumentum Ad Hominem (of the inconsistency type) to criticize the newly appointed Minister of Education on the ground that he had earlier named PDP a failed party. In just less that four days in office, ASUP suspended her almost a year-old strike. I do hope that COEASU will resume soon likewise. I, therefore, call on the youth to take the case of rising cost of Education to Mallam Shekarahu and other well meaning Nigerians for urgent attention.


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