I have noticed with utter dismay some bad habits practiced by some Christians, even during Church services, and even inside the Church building.

These habits fall into different categories. Some are appalling, some disgusting, some funny, some unthinkable, some sinful, some are, some are, think of it; the list is endless!

What do you make of someone doing ‘Notice me’ kind of habit, even in the church?!

Come to think of it, someone who is just trying to show-off his brand-new latest iPone6 in the Church, what does the person want to achieve?

A lady trying to ‘gum body’ with a guy in the church, for what?

A guy ‘toasting’ a girl in the church, and even during church service, what relationship does he want to have?

A politician coming to the Church to canvass for vote from church members, are we on the campaign ground?

A school proprietor trying to ‘seduce’ church members to enroll their children/wards in his/her school, irrespective of the proprietor’s status in the Church, either he/she is the pastor, the G.O, whatever, who cares :(?

Lifting up your offering, and wanting people to see you give offering, when you bring a ‘big’ offering to church, but trying to squeeze a cramped note/coin into the offering basket when money ‘na shinkinni’ Who are you giving to? Mtcheew, to you I say, ‘Diaris God oo’.

A female Praise-Worship leader, wriggling her body to the admiration of the crowd, just to show she’s curve, Uhmn, to you I reserve my comment.

Discussing with someone during sermon, have you come to talk or you’ve come to hear and worship? May you not miss your moment of encounter in Jesus’ name.

Using of phone during church service, who is calling you or who are you calling? Is that the right time to browse, upload pictures, update your BBM, Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp profile? Uhmn, don’t lemme talk o.

Uhmn, what of sleeping during sermon? You remember Eutycus? You better be careful, cos many of church leaders are not having Paul’s kind of anointing, so that ‘I’m sorry o’ won’t be your case.

I’ve even heard of somebody, who slept during a deliverance prayer our in a particular church. During the program, there was a prayer of ‘Father let every of Your blessing for my life, from the East, from the West, from the North and South locate me, enter into me and be my portion’. While this prayer point was on, this person started dozing, and eventually fell asleep. After some other prayer points raised, there was another prayer point that said, ‘Father, every work of the devil in my life, every curse in my life, in my father’s house, in my mother’s house, in my generation, in my place of residence, in my village, in my land; every trace of the work of the wicked in and around, Father, uproot them, and send them back to sender’. It was the shout of the prayer that made the person to wake up! And unfortunately for him, he didn’t know that he had slept and that another prayer point was on-going, he just continued with ‘Father, let them enter into me, let them be my portion’, while other are saying ‘Father, uproot them, send out, back to sender’. What do you expect of the life of such a ‘sleeper-in-the-church’?

You are free to add other Bad Habits in the Church that you know in the comment.

You can also watch a Video here

In all, whenever you go into the house of the Lord, be prepared to know what is expected of you, and make sure you do accordingly. God bless you.

Olalekan Sam. O.


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