It is no longer news to an average Nigerian the political & of course social unrest in Adamawa State. To me, Adamawa, being one of the three Northeastern states where we currently have emergency rule that has lasted over a year without yielding expected & so much anticipated results as claimed in some quarters, should not witness any such unrest that may exponentially aggravate the current status of insecurity in the land. However, many political gladiators are seeing it from another perspective which is obviously interesting but dangerously detrimental.

Murtala Nyako, who has been a man of various personalities to various Nigerians, seems to be the major loser right away but our democracy & oneness are being largely threatened, to say the least, in the long run. Given the particularly high number of political giants in Adamawa state, most of whom are members of the APC, one would have expected that this cup would pass over Nyako but to the surprise of many, they could do little to salvage the scenario. Atiku Abubakar, former vice president & one of the foremost businessmen in Nigeria, could be described as politically weak in his state. What a disaster! The main issues, amidst all, remain the legality or otherwise, morality or otherwise, & the justification of the whole impeachment saga. Of a truth, & in harmony with the positions of many Nigerians, the neutrality of the Federal Government in this matter is questionable given that similar processes are already set in motion in other states whose governors are seen as major threats to President Jonathan’s reelection e.g. Edo, Nasarawa, Rivers, etc. Below are some questions begging for urgent answers as touching the impeachment of Nyako:

-Was the whole process properly started?

-Was Nyako & his then deputy properly served?

-Wasn’t it necessary to allow the court finish the case before proceeding on the impeachment?

Does the law allow a serving deputy governor to tender resignation letter to state house of assembly when the governor is still in office?

-In what capacity did Mr Ambrose Mammadi sworn in the acting governor?

-Why was the attempt to arrest Nyako immediately?

-Why did Nyako say he will challenge his impeachment in court when our constitution does not support that?

-Does the court before which the case was instituted before the impeachment proper has such powers to reverse the impeachment?

I call on all Nigerians, especially ‘we’ the oppressed, to seriously wake up from our sleep & step up our mentality. Time to act & decide our future starts now. These leaders of ours have businesses & houses in other countries where they can easily seek refuge. Most of us don’t even have the financial capacity to escape from the territory of Nigeria let alone settling outside her coast. Therefore, Nigeria belong to ‘us’ & not to ‘them’. Let us intensify our prayers. Our Muslim brethren should take the advantage of this holy month to humbly present our case before God.

It shall be well with us.


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